The bark that means business


It’s no secret that Pennsylvania has an abundance of predators. Every night on our game cameras we get photos of Fox, Coyotes, or Bears. We’ve had a few close run-ins with bears (including one getting trapped and rehomed by the state), but due to our LGD’s we have not lost a single animal on the farm.


A beautiful representation of the Akbash breed, Murphy was brought home to Pennsylvania from Montana. She was hand picked due to her temperament, conformation, upbringing and her birthday, which happens to be shared with Heather. While she is only a year and-a-half old, she has grown up around livestock and has proved herself to be an outstanding guardian. 


She stays with her goats! Xena’s former owner moved to Europe and we purchased all of their goats. A week later, we brought her home to the farm to continue watching over her goats. She’s an incredible livestock guardian, and has an extra dose of the Great Pyrenees fluffiness.