Quality from the start

Rest assured when choosing a rabbit from our rabbitry that careful consideration has gone into selecting the finest quality animal from each breed.


Pelt Quality


Meat-to-Bone Ratio

Champagne D'Argent Rabbit face
Up close of a broken lynx standard rex rabbit

Champagne D'Argent

A rare old breed of French rabbits, they are born black, and steadily fade to a beautiful silver color as they age. Famous for their meat and pelts.

Champagne D'argent rabbit up close

Gender: Buck

DOB: 2/01/2023



Champgne D'Argent Buck close up

Gender: Buck

DOB: 1/14/2023



Standard Rex

Prized for their incredibly soft and dense pelts, it’s no secret that they are a fur maker’s favorite breed. They also have a great bone-to-meat ratio which makes them the perfect meat breed.

Broken Black Standard Rex Rabbit

Gender: Buck

DOB: 7/2022

Weight: 7.8

Color: Broken Black


Other Rabbits

We occasionally test out “meat mutt” mixes to increase meat yields, below are a few of our experimental breeds.

Gender: Doe

Breed: Flemish/Rex

DOB: 7/01/2023

Color: Broken Lynx

Doe: Big Momma

Buck: Goose