A wild farm adventure


Our farm has humble beginnings, starting when we first crossed paths in January of 2021, in the Sunshine State of Florida. While Andrew was wrapping up his apprenticeship as an electrician, Heather had also taken up residence in Florida in pursuit of a new adventure.

It didn’t take long for us to connect over our shared love for the great outdoors, farms and homesteading. As a native of Alaska, Heather was longing to return to the North after enduring a scorching summer, and subsequently Andrew, originally from Pennsylvania, shared the same sentiment.

Why homesteading?

How we found our farm

Our lives took an unexpected turn in September when we received news that Andrew’s grandparents were unwell. Despite living on the opposite end of the country, we moved without hesitation, and what was supposed to be a brief stay turned into an extended period due to work, family, and life.

In any case, we exchanged vows in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, and shortly thereafter, we bought a 15-acre property in Arnot, PA, which we hoped at the time would bring us fulfillment and serve as an investment later in our future. The property included an 1870s home and wooded acreage that required much attention and care. Nevertheless, we have relished every moment spent together fixing it up and making it a productive farm.

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Our shared passion for the outdoors brought us to Alaska in September of 2022, and Andrew was immediately enamored with the rugged and wild terrain. Straightaway he knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life exploring Alaska with Heather.

Currently, we are running our homestead in Pennsylvania and meanwhile looking forward to our future adventures in Alaska. Stay tuned to hear about our journey and the many exploits we share with our furry companions during our stay in Pennsylvania. 

Our accomplishments together

As many famous people have quoted in the past- team work makes the dream work.

Acres Cleared
Animals Born
Years Together
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